Inspiring artwork graces the local skyline

The York Commercial Precinct was a landmark development for the Beenleigh and surrounding logan region. This multi-storey build is more than just an office precinct or retail hub, it tells a story of the local area and modern life we lead.  Take a dive into what the artists have to say about their work which adorns The York, providing a visual feast to the local community.


‘A Place to Call Home’ by Gus Eagelton

‘A Place to Call Home’ challenges the modern lifestyle practises of city living, where living costs are high, and the commute to work can be extensive. In light of the global pandemic, society has been forced to put lifestyle choices into perspective. A study by the Australia Bureau of Statistics recently revealed that there is an increase in people migrating out of the city to regional areas. With an overall decrease in people moving to state capitals. A rise in new technologies has opened the professional world to new opportunities for rural and regional living. We are witnessing more jobs move online thanks to the booming digital age and the challenges of COVID-19. Working from home offers new freedoms, allowing people to settle anywhere but having equal opportunity.

‘A Place to Call Home’ depicts a young couple who has moved from the hustle and bustle of city living to start a family in regional Australia. A young mother walks into her new Queensland home with a newfound sense of community and family, focussing on living life to the fullest. ‘A Place to Call Home’ captures that warm feeling when a loved one calls you inside for a home-cooked meal and a conversation.



‘Water is Life’ by Fintan Magee

This work explores human connection to waterways within the context of Beenleigh’s geographic location. Beenleigh is wedged between two rivers, the Logan River to the North and the Albert River to the South. The artwork features two floating figures painted as a dyptych on two tall pillar like walls on the building, with the two painted walls representing the two rivers.

Logan and Beenleigh’s waterways are important for our environment, economy and livelihoods. They have many functions from reducing floods to producing clean water and food for domestic, industry and agricultural uses. Waterways also provide an important habitat for many animals and plants. This piece encourages water play and explores our broader connection to nature and the local connection to the rivers, the bay and coastline.



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